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Here is a list of all the plants but you can probably see them in your Alamanac a few levels later

The peashooter your first and most basic plant great use for the early levels cost 100 sun

-SunFlower-You’ll need lots of’em They give you extra sun you SUN survive so make sure you wont forget to plant them .The sun flower is also very Important Cost 50

-CherryBomb-It cost only 150 sun Use this plant when lots of zombies get close to your House to make them EXPLODE!!!! WorksGreat for killing a group of Zombies

-WallNut-Put it in front of your plants to buy some time while the zombies eat it but Watch out some of the zombies can jump over the walnut like the pole vaulting zombie some can climb over it like the Ladder zombie And some even Float over it!!!!!!Thats balloon zombie floating over him so watch out cost 50 sun

-Potato Mine-It explodes when zombies gets close to it.SPUDOW!!!but takes time to prepare it self ti may be eaten when not yet prepared cost only 25 sun

-Snow Pea-It attacks with Peas like the pea shooter but also slows down zombies!!!it also make zombies eat slower if the the snow pea passes trough a torch wood (WILL BE INTRODUCED LATER) it will lose the freezing effect Cost:175 Sun

– Chomper-eats the whole zombie but as said in the game its vulnerable while chewing it takes about 45 seconds to swallow the whole zombie cost 150 sun

-Reapeater-Basically its just like two pea shooters but takes only one space it cost twice as much as a pea shooter You guessed it!!! it cost 200 SU

-PuffShroom-This little fellas are great use for the night since theres no sun falling in the sky They cost only ZERO SUN!!!! THEY ARE SHORT-RANGED little mushrooms that sleeps during the day!!!unless given a coffee bean(TO BE INTRODUCED Later)

Cost:zero  sun!!!! FREE

-SunShroom-  This Plant is like mini Sunflowers They Give on 15 sun After A FEW minutes it’ll grow full Size AND GIVE YOU 25 SUN  plus it cost 25 sun

-PuffShroom- These plant can shoot fumes that pass trough screen door shields (works great on screen door zombie) these is great on the first few night levels plus it cost 75 sun

This Plant eats a grave its also a one time use plant only  Sometimes coins appear when grave is eaten  And It Cost 75 SUN!!!!!1

-Hypno Shroom- When Eaten Zombie turns around and fights for you like Zombie vs. zombie!!!! and its 1 time use only plant Cost 75 Sun!!

-Scaredy shroom-  this  plant is cheap and long ranged its a strong as pea shooter but will hide if zombie gets close Cost:25

To Be Continued……See You LATER!!!!



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